I never had interest of installing things from outside of the play store so my settings for installing unknown apps was always disabled but I used to go on a lot of websites in the past that might be malicious i.e. on chrome etc. I was smart about not downloading anything dubious or giving away personal info if i get pop ups to phishing sites. The only thing I didn’t know much at the time were drive by downloads or getting infected simply by clicking links. On avast . com there was a question about whether phones can get malware (which yeah I know they can) they say you can get it simply by clicking links but they didn’t talk about messing with your phone settings and said yeah you can. Anyway I stopped visiting potentially dangerous websites for more than half a year and nothing has happened. No ransom no threat from a hacker etc. A few questions I wonder, if my data has ever been leaked or my phone was compromised and they had the power to try and hurt me for their gain would they have already done it by now? Also I had a premium Avast installed a month ago and it had a deep scan saying there was nothing there (they have automatic scans as well). Is my phone most likely safe?

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