The rise of QakBot

This blog was jointly written with Ofer Caspi. Some of the links in this blog require an OTX account, and the QakBot infrastructure tracker will require readers to be customers with access to the Threat Intel subscription.. Thanks to the following researchers and the MalwareBazaar Project:
MalwareBazaar Project  
Executive summary
AT&T Alien Labs closely monitors the evolution of crimeware such as the QakBot (also known as Qbot) malware family and campaigns in connection with QakBot. The jointly coordinated takedown of the actors behind Emotet in late January has left a gap in the cybercrime landscape, which QakBot seems poised to fill.
Key Points:
TA551 has added QakBot to its arsenal, which also includes IcedID.
QakBot employs anti-virus evasion, anti-detection, and anti-sandbox tactics across the entire spectrum…

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