SANS Institute Hopes to Find New Cybersecurity Talent With a Game
storagedude writes: Alan Paller, founder of the cybersecurity training SANS Technology Institute, has launched an initiative aimed at finding and developing cybersecurity talent at the community college and high school level — through a game developed by their CTO James Lyne. A similar game was already the basis of a UK government program that has reached 250,000 students, and Paller hopes the U.S. will adopt a similar model to help ease the chronic shortage of cybersecurity talent. And Paller’s own Cyber Talent Institute (or CTI) has already reached 29,000 students, largely through state-level partnerships.

But playing the game isn’t the same as becoming a career-ready cybersecurity pro. By tapping high schools and community colleges, the group hopes to “discover and train a diverse new generation of 25,000 cyber stars by the year 2025,” Paller told eSecurity Planet. “SANS is an organization that finds people who are already in the field and makes them better. What CTI is doing is going down a step in the pipeline, to the students, to find the talent earlier, so that we don’t lose them. Because the way the education system works, only a few people seem to go into cybersecurity. We wanted to change that.

“You did an article earlier this month about looking in different places for talent, looking for people who are already working. That’s the purpose of CTI. To reach out to students. It’s to go beyond the pipeline that we automatically come into cybersecurity through math, computer science, and networking and open the funnel much wider. Find people who have not already found technology, but who have three characteristics that seem to make superstars — tenacity, curiosity, and love of learning new things. They don’t mind being faced with new problems. They like them. And what the game does is find those people. So CTI is just moving to earlier in the pipeline.”

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