At Open Whisper Systems, we’re focused on creating easy-to-use privacy-enhancing technology. Our projects are free, Open Source,
and tend to be oriented around the mobile environment. We’ve been working on apps like TextSecure and RedPhone
(which provide secure text messages and secure phone calls) for years now, because we believe that it’s possible to develop
well-designed secure communication tools that are both privacy-preserving and a joy to use.

This winter, we’d like to invite you to join us for “Winter Break Of Code,” a week-long free trip to Kauai for anyone
who’d like to spend a week working on this type of easy-to-use privacy-enhancing technology in a collaborative
environment. We’ve rented a large beachfront house on the north coast of Kauai for everyone to stay
in, and we’ll pay for your airfare. While there, you can split your time between island living and working on an Open Whisper
Systems-related privacy project that you propose.

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